Jul 5, 2008

Voiceminder - sending yourself a reminder

Voiceminder (recently re-named Note2Self) from webis is a mobile app that lets you record a voice note and then sends it to your inbox via email . I've been using this app on a windows mobile device for a few months now and I find it really time-saving and useful. Sometimes I have an idea or think of something I have to do, while driving or walking and instead of writing reminders on my mobile (which my wife finds pretty annoying :)) I only have to press two buttons: start/stop. No user interface, just a user-configured hotkey to start recording then the hotkey again to stop & send. Later on, the next time I sit in front of my email I just listen and decide what to do with it. The voice notes are compressed so you can send yourself very light files with long messages. Easy, fast and time saving.