Dec 4, 2008

Everything you wanted to know about google

Very interesting presentation (a bit pro-google) but I believe it very much reflects Google's strategy.

All about Google
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Jul 5, 2008

Voiceminder - sending yourself a reminder

Voiceminder (recently re-named Note2Self) from webis is a mobile app that lets you record a voice note and then sends it to your inbox via email . I've been using this app on a windows mobile device for a few months now and I find it really time-saving and useful. Sometimes I have an idea or think of something I have to do, while driving or walking and instead of writing reminders on my mobile (which my wife finds pretty annoying :)) I only have to press two buttons: start/stop. No user interface, just a user-configured hotkey to start recording then the hotkey again to stop & send. Later on, the next time I sit in front of my email I just listen and decide what to do with it. The voice notes are compressed so you can send yourself very light files with long messages. Easy, fast and time saving.

Jun 26, 2008

Juggling and Balls

Check out this video, be patient and watch till the end, it gets better and better…
It made me think of life. We spend most of our life juggling. We constantly juggle between family, friends, work, bills, news, hobbies etc.
The guy on this video (Chris Bliss) has an incredible ability to focus on juggling, he masters the art of juggling.
In life, we must also master juggling but the real focus should be on each ball (the people we love, our needs, our dreams...).
I'm taking another ball today, this blog. So I welcome you and I hope you'll enjoy.
Remember, watch till the end the better part starts after 2:10 mins.